Pencil Sharpener that uses an X-acto blade

So in my home with 3 kids, they are always asking for pencils or to sharpen them. And my kids seem to have a gift for making sharpeners disappear in my home. So I decided I would print some but all the designs I saw required either the sharpener or the blade of the sharpener, neither of which helped me.
So I grabbed my x-acto to manually sharpen the pencil and it hit me, I have a few xacto blades that I cannot use for most of my projects because the tip is broken but they would be perfect for this.

So I spent the day trying to design a pencil sharpener that would use an xacto blade.


All you should need for this print is an
1x X-acto blade #11
2x M3 Nuts
2x M3x8 screws

How I Designed This

Now I do admit it is not the smoothest of sharpeners, and I did notice there is a major difference between a sharpener blade and an xacto blade. The original sharpener blade only has a bevel on one side unlike the xacto that has on both.

So I tried tilting the xacto so the blade would be in a similar angle as the original blades.

As you can see in the pictures it took several attempts to even get a half decent job.

NYC Subway Train

My son is really into the small wooden trains, like the thomas the tank, or the Brio ones. I saw the MTA had some modeled after the NYC trains but they seemed a bit over priced and no detailed at all.

So I decided to make my own. There were modeled from several pictures, they are fully compatible with wood tracks and other trains that use magnets to connect. I was able to model a connector that uses a magnetic ball to connect to other trains, since the ball is loose within the container it can swivel around in any orientation and connect to all trains models in any orientation (Shown Above)

Replacement Hinge for Sony MDR XB950BT

I love these headphones, they give great sound and are comfortable. I liked it so much I bought a pair for my wife as well. I used them daily until the hinge broke and I found out it was a relatively common issue with this model. So again 3D modeling and printing to the rescue.

I spent about a month measuring, modeling, printing, testing until I got it just right. Worked so well I bough a pack of 4 broken ones and fixed them all.

Files on Thingiverse:

Replacement Headband for Sony Gold Wireless Headphones

I truly enjoyed using these headphones almost everyday until the top headband started to crack. I kept using it with the crack till it grew to completely break in half.

I took the opportunity to do my reverse engineer and design my own replacement for the headphones. They worked so well after I had to replace the battery before the new headband

Files available at Thingiverse:

Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket

This I designed for my son when he was 2 years old. At that time he was really into the Little Einsteins cartoons, I wanted to get him the rocket to play with but the toy had been discontinued and any available were very expensive.

So I started up Solidworks and designed this for him. I then printed it and he played with it almost every day. Until he lost it then I printed it slightly bigger and in red. He loved it even more.

If you are interested in the STL files to 3d Print they are available at