This is a cute little ornament featuring The Child (aka baby Yoda) from the Mandalorian. You can print as a few filament swaps or use the MMU Version
I have included a filament swap version and an MMU version each version has 4 sets. The sets are

  1. Blank – No Text
  2. Merry Christmas
  3. Happy Hanukkah
  4. Happy Holidays
    If you celebrate a holiday not listed you can download the blank one and edit it using microsoft 3D builder and easily add any text.

Print Settings and orientation:
The single files are designed to be printed in a single nozzle/extruder/color 3D printer and you achive a colored print by doing filament swaps during the print.
All the single files are released as 3MF files and should already have the filament swaps done for you (at least in prusaslicer)
There are 5 swaps and the colors are in order gray, black, green, dark green/brown, gray, black.
For the MMU Version just load up the included stls as an mmu print and then select which text you would like to add if any.
The layer heights where the filament swaps happen are 1.8, 2.2, 2.6, 3




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