This is my rendition of the Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC – 1701

The model consists of 14 pieces and 3 pieces for the base.
All the parts have a .2mm tolerance between them and should fit together nicely with a semi loose fit. With the exception of the base that only has a .1mm tolerance and should be a snug fit, the base I assembled without using glue.
For all the other pars I used 3DGloop.

All parts are in the best printing orientation in my opinion, and is what I used to print them.
The parts that need support are (from build plate only)

Primary Hull
Second Hull Satellite
Secondary Hull Front
Engine Front Caps (You only need it for the outer ring if you can disable it for the middle I would advise it)

The parts that you may need support for but can probably print without it

Mid Hull

Everything else can be printed without any supports.

Print Settings and orientation:




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