Replacement Hinge for Sony MDR XB950BT

I love these headphones, they give great sound and are comfortable. I liked it so much I bought a pair for my wife as well. I used them daily until the hinge broke and I found out it was a relatively common issue with this model. So again 3D modeling and printing to the rescue.

I spent about a month measuring, modeling, printing, testing until I got it just right. Worked so well I bough a pack of 4 broken ones and fixed them all.

Files on Thingiverse:

Replacement Headband for Sony Gold Wireless Headphones

I truly enjoyed using these headphones almost everyday until the top headband started to crack. I kept using it with the crack till it grew to completely break in half.

I took the opportunity to do my reverse engineer and design my own replacement for the headphones. They worked so well after I had to replace the battery before the new headband

Files available at Thingiverse: