The 1989 Batmobile based on the OpenRC F1 is something I always wanted ever since I saw the first openrcf1. It was a dream to create multiple bodies for the RC cause I always saw everyone had the same one just in different colors and finishes.

Print Details:
This was printed using SnoLabs Carbon Fiber PLA+ on the Project R3D Railcore II 300 ZL at .2mm Layer Height
The silver parts are FilamentOne White Titanium PLA
The tires were using Treed Pneumatic recycled tire filament

Print Settings and orientation:

For the assembly you will need the nuts and bolts from the original openrc that hold the body down, you will reuse those to hold this new body. In addition you will need 4 m3x8 screws and their corresponding nuts.
Also some glue to attach the smaller pieces to the body.

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