I am a Father of 3, Husband, Maker, and 3D Modeler based in NYC. I specialize in modeling things designed to be 3D printed on FDM printers.

The things I design range from functional things to organize, or to fix a broken item, to fun things like Props for cosplay and vehicle models to display or play with.

I have been playing around with CAD software ever since I was in high school where I was first introduced to Autocad. Later in college I was introduced to CAD in the third dimension with Solidworks, and I haven’t stopped learning since. I devoured the small bit of information provided by college in 3D CAD and have been teaching myself since through the power of Youtube, books, and other online tutorials I have gained a decent mastery of the software and can create a multitude of things.

For the last few years I switched over to using Fusion 360, I feel it gives me more control and options. Now I just need to work on the sculpting environment.

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