Bane Mask

So one of my Patrons wanted a Bane mask and between him an Wekster they convinced me I should make it in Fusion 360. So I have. I also joined Weksters stream to teach him how I would do it in Fusion and the mask started there. We were also joined by The3DPrinting

P.S. Please don’t print and wear this mask outside during the pandemic without using a proper mask underneath, this will not protect you or others from the virus.

Print Details:
This was printed on the ProjectR3D Railcore II 300 ZL using SnoLabs Black PLA+ at .2mm layer height.

Print Settings and orientation:
The model has a flat spot that should be on the bed. If you are using PrusaSlicer it should import in the correct orientation. Or you can use the included 3mf file that has the included support blocker already in place.


Patron Exclusive Model

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