Customizable Sample Spool

This is designed for everyone who subscribes to one of the multiple monthly sample filament deliveries, or if you but a multi pack sample like the one offered by Polyalchemy.

These are designed to be easy to reuse and swap the sample you are currently using. There are opening in the middle of the spool to hold onto the end of the sample so it doesn’t unravel and the slot openings in the side are designed to go below and above the sample this way you can easily place the twist tie back onto the sample while it is still neatly in the spool.

The custom part of the spool is the design of the sides.
You get to pick how it looks, I made it specifically to take advantage of the modifiers in prusaslicer
You first load the part you want (big or small) and the load the provided modifier stl
Or just load the emf file provided.
The you can make the top and bottom layers of the main part 0 to expose the infill design.

Prusa released an excellent video on the process

I have increased the tolerance in the spool starter hole so the filament is not held down as much. I have also added 2 new spacers a 10mm and a 20mm. This way if you have bigger samples it will still work and you can still use the ones you have already printed.
I also renamed the parts to Base and Lid to make more sense.
The 3MF files are still based on the v1 spool

Made v2 of the spacers as there was a flat area hanging in the air that would cause the need for supports.

V3 – I decided to make a version 3 and get rid of the threads. They were causing more issues that what they solved. Now you get a base v3 and lid v3. You insert the lid into the base and give it a small twist and you should get a small click at the end and they are closed.
I have also made 10mm and 20mm spacers for those bigger samples of if you are respooling an almost empty 1kg spool. (thanks Madmonkey for the idea)

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