Cyberpunk 2077 Kang Tao G-58 Dian

As soon as I saw this was one of the choices available in the Cyberpunk 2077 game I knew I wanted to make a model of it. And not only that I needed the model to collapse and close just like it did in the game. Thankfully I was able to achieve that. This model is fully 3d printed without the need for screws, nuts, bolts, or springs. Just filament and glue.

The stock can be pulled out with a single hand and locks into place when fully extended. It then has 2 buttons that must be pressed to be able to close it and then it clicks into place. The front cover over the trigger has indents so that you can feel when its fully open and closed and will stay there.

Print Details:
I would recommend to print any of the 3d printed print/compliant mechanism parts in PETG as it can bend more and return to its original shape.
The model does requite some supports, but its only from the build plate in all cases and kept to a minimum.

Print Settings and orientation:


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