ESP32 Camera Case

I designed a case for the ESP32 Camera development board. This is an Arduino board with built in Wifi and a camera. Perfect to make into an octoprint web cam.

Print Details:
The arm shown in the picture is from Sneaks and was download from PrusaPrinters (Download Link)
What I did was remix the last ball joint and made it a Lid for my camera case. I also included a blank lid, and a lid compatible with GoPro mounts.

Print Settings and orientation:
All parts should print without needing any supports.

How to configure:

Straight from the box if you connect it to power it will make its own wifi signal you can connect to and see the images.

You would connect to wifi ESP32_CAM Once connect you would go to

This will bring up a webpage showing a direct stream from the camera.

But the intent here is to connect it to your home wifi and use as a camera there.

So we need to change the default code on the esp32 board

Open Arduino IDE software and then we need to add esp32 core as a board

Go to File > Preferences and copy paste this URL into the additional board manager URL

This lets the IDE know where to look for the needed code for the esp32 now we need to add the board to it.

Go to Tools > Board > Board Manager and search for esp32 and click install

Afterwards we can go to Tools > Boards > ESP32 Arduino > AI Thinker ESP32-Cam

Make Sure to select the correct port as well

Then we can load up the example code

File > Examples > ESP32 > Camera > CameraWebServer

Here there are something that need to be changed.

In the select camera module comment out the wrover kit camera and uncomment the AI Thinker like shown below.



// Select camera model






// Select camera model






Next change the SSID and password listed write below that to the ones you use at home.

Now we want to open the serial monitor Tools > Serial Monitor.

With this we will be able to see any error messages and it will also tell us the IP (web address) of the web cam.

Now you should be able to compile and upload the code to the board and in the serial monitor after it restarts it will say ready with the IP address of the camera.

If you enter this address into your browser you will see the web cam controls

Here you can start the stream and change settings and resolution.

From here you are ready to make the web cam your print monitor in Octoprint.

Open octoprint go to settings and select Webcam, check the box to enable the webcam and for the address enter


Where the XXX are changed with the IP you received before.

Click test and you should see the stream.


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