Iron Man Mask

Every since I learned about Marvels Iron Man I have been an absolute Fan. So after creating my last mask I wanted to create more, so I naturally leaned towards my personal likes. And created an Iron Mask that can be used to spruce up your look and let the world know you are protecting them from harm.

Print Details:
The masks shown above where printed with a Prusa I3 MK3S and a ProjectR3D Railcore II 300 ZL. They both used Amz3D Red PLA. The one on the right was printed as a single print in Red and I used Gold Spray Paint. The one on the left was my attempt to emulate a MMU printed Mask using Filament One Gold PLA

Print Settings and orientation:
There is a flat spot on the bottom of the mask that will give the best angle to print, if you are using PrusaSlicer I also included a Support Blocker to avoid supports in the hex cutout that don’t need the supports.

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