Pen Boxes and Display

This is a box I designed for my 3D printed pens but I also made a version available for other pens with different shapes and sizes. There is a double version and single as seen. The lid rotates up and as you do the pen is lifted to show off the pen. There is also a stop when the lid is fully up to display it.

Print Details:
The box was printed on the ProjectR3D Railcore II 300 ZL using @SnoLabs Black PLA at .2mm layer height

Print Settings and orientation:


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4 thoughts on “Pen Boxes and Display

  1. Hello, how do I get the STL file? I check out the patron site but not sure which one I have to sign up for. Only thing Im interested in right now is the pen case. More than willing to pay, can I just donate to the PayPal account and get the STL? Thanks

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