We had a sponge holder at home and it didn’t have a way to drain the water and it would start filling up with mucky water and when you grabbed the sponge it would be half soaking wet.
So I modeled my own version loosely based on the sponge holder I had but with the features it lacked.
It has a drain on the front for the water to drip into the sink directly.
It has places for 2 sponges or a sponge and some steel wool, with the divisor in between in a hex pattern to allow for air flow and the water to drain from the back to the from and out the drain.

Print Details:
This was printed on a ProjectR3d Railcore II 300 ZL at .2mm Layer Height
Using Hatchbox Blue PLA

Print Settings and orientation:
Flat bottom of the holder on the print bed.


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