Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC 1701

This is my rendition of the Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC – 1701

The model consists of 14 pieces and 3 pieces for the base.
All the parts have a .2mm tolerance between them and should fit together nicely with a semi loose fit. With the exception of the base that only has a .1mm tolerance and should be a snug fit, the base I assembled without using glue.
For all the other pars I used 3DGloop.

All parts are saved in the best printing orientation in my opinion, and that is how I printed them.
The parts that need support are (from build plate only)

  • Primary Hull
  • Second Hull Satellite
  • Secondary Hull Front
  • Engine Front Caps (You only need it for the outer ring if you can disable it for the middle I would advise it)

The parts that you may need support for but can probably print without it

  • Mid Hull

Everything else can be printed without any supports.

Print Details:
All parts were printed on a Prusa I3 MK3S at.2mm layer height. The Darker colored one was printed with FilamentOne Glint Grey, the lighter one was Polyalchemy Elixer Silver PLA

Print Settings and orientation:



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